Welcome to Ansalon!

After the second Dragonlance war, the world returned to peace, broken only by the occasional vye of power from powerful individuals that attempted to take control of the Kingdoms. Ansalon knew no other time of such relative peace in its entire history — the Solamnic Knights ruled their fiefs and held to their order, the Elves and Humans had trade and communication unseen for generations, and the Dwarves and Kender even got along — as well as Dwarves and Kender can, anyway.

With no direct threats looming, the city of Palanthas became the central hub for the largest country the world of Krynn had ever seen, and eventually became an Empire, ruled by a benevolent man named Seriphan. Seriphan was pious, kind, and good, worshipping Paladine and Mishakal openly and giving freely of his wealth to make his great cities even better.

The gods looked on at the world with pride.

Little did anyone know, that an evil was brewing once again from the Abyss. This time, however, the Queen of Darkness, Takhsis, having been defeated many a time before she could attain mastery of Krynn, was not the culprit. Instead, an upstart demon by the name of Herschel was the one conducting the plans. Taking his vast knowledge of Arcane and Divine powers, blessed by Takhisis herself, and his experiments with the Dragonmen, he staged a coup not unllike that of Raistlin Majere, and destroyed Takhisis. He took her power and portfolio, and became a deity.

His legendary ability in Diplomacy helped him to stage an alliance between Devils and Demons, the two races known for their eternity lasting war, and turned the full wrath of the Abyss and the Nine Hells upon Krynn.

The conquest was swift — first came the sacking of the City of Palanthas, and the murder of Seriphan — and was followed by the world’s second Cataclysm. Herschel took the mighty power of the Demon and Devil Lords and used it to drop a new range of firey mountains upon the land, destroying nearly everything on the surface, and annihilating nearly every sentient race on Krynn. He led his dragonmen straight from the Abyss and established 8 floating castles, which he called his “Pawns” to police the survivors and keep them subservient, forcing seperation where possible.

In this new land, Herschel’s floating castles are a terrifying sight, as well as the Dragon Highlords that hold over them. The dragonmen kill on sight and at will, and the world plunged into darkness, 50 years and counting.

As soon as his domination of the land of Krynn was complete, he set his sights on the dieties of Good. Paladine disappeared from the sky shortly thereafter, and the other dieties’ constellations are waning month by month as the conquest continues.

But, hope is not lost.

Breaking the Darkness (Herschel's Campaign)

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