Breaking the Darkness (Herschel's Campaign)

The Adventure Begins

Starting out

The adventure began much like any other.

A small group of adventurerers, consisting of two Qualinesti elves, a sorceress named Sharamile Faralice, and a cleric named Aria Ennala; a single Kargonesti Dragon Shaman named Wildclaw; and a Silvanesti outcast Warlock named Rhyslon Farendeel, set out from their home of New Silverthorne at the behest of the town council. Their mission: to re-establish communication with the town of New Haven and hopefully bring back a steady supply of iron and other raw materials that the town could not produce itself.

Each member of the party set up, expecting to meet resistance both along the way and possibly while in New Haven itself. The group, having known each other and dealt with the Draconian raids many times, knew the capabilities of the monsters and knew that, even together, a massed group of them could easily kill them all.

Two options presented themselves early: which path to take.
The western path was well-worn and led a winding path through the forest, but was the most direct route to New Haven aside from walking straight through the untamed forest.
The southern path led to a small boathouse — which housed several boats used for travelling downriver without being seen, such as when the local Herschel’s Pawn was overhead and they did not want to be detected.

The group chose the southern path, and quickly ran into the local legend — a Solamnic Knight in ancient, rusted plate mail by the name of Malcolm. Malcolm had been a hero to the people for a long time, saving civilians from orcs, goblins, wildlife, and even Draconians for several months prior to the silence of New Haven. Malcolm had heard from the hunters that there was an expeditionary force being sent out to inquire about New Haven, and had decided to join them, for good or for ill.

With the new member in to, the party continued their travels to the south, fighting several monsters along the way — most notable of which was a small group of skeleton warriors, who looked recently reanimated. The group dispatched them and continued on with little trouble, but the question of how these monsters had gotten so close to the town still burned with them.

After a full day of walking, the group came upon the boathouse. Quickly realizing that something was wrong, the group sought cover from the trees, and spied a single lookout atop the boathouse itself, looking away from them and toward a more open path. An orc.

Quickly devising a plan, Rhyslon fired his Eldritch Blast toward the creature, scaring and killing it, but not before it raised the alarm and set several other orcs, holed up in the boathouse, to the side where the group stood. A hail of crossbow bolts met Rhys’ Blast, and the group found themselves pinned down by crossbow fire. The hail of bolts quickly brought Sharamile and Rhys down, leaving only Aria, Malcolm, and Wildclaw standing. Wildclaw brought the two into stable condition, while Aria provided magical healing to them as well.

Malcolm, on the other hand, decked out in full plate mail armor and using a large shield, lit one of his pints of oil alight and charged the boathouse, which was rotten and old. The bolts bounced off of his shield, glanced off of his armor, and failed to penetrate his defenses. As he charged, Malcolm spied six orcs in total, as well as a larger, more hulking one above them. He threw the oil into the wall, and crashed through it with the combined force of his run and weight, bringing several of the orcs with him into the blazing inferno. The boathouse caught fire quickly, and the hole in the wall and momentary distraction proved enough for Wildclaw to land several arrows on her assailants, and to lead a second charge with the remainder of the group towards the boathouse.

By the time they arrived, however, only the large orc remained, locked in combat with Malcolm. The two battled back and forth for a time, until Malcolm’s armor proved too much and the orc was taken down by several arrows and a well-placed smash from Malcolm’s mace. The defenders of the boathouse were no more.

The group also found a ring in the water underneath the boathouse, which turned out to increase one’s capability of swimming by 1.



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