Breaking the Darkness (Herschel's Campaign)

To New Haven

First town after the start

After their victory at the boathouse, the group slept in the boathouse and set out in the morning, en route to New Haven’s boathouse, and hopefully answers as to the lack of communication between New Silverthorne and New Haven.

The trip took most of the day, listing lazily along the river and pulled gently by the current. Rarely did the group have to bring out the oars and navigate through rough waters, as summer came with little rain. Around midafternoon, New Haven was in sight — as well as one of the dreaded Herschel’s Pawns.

With the group likely spotted by draconians, and the squalls in the water forcing them ever closer to the New Haven boathouse, the group steeled themselves for an encounter. The boat pulled into the boathouse, where it was stopped by a surly middle-aged man. After a brief exchange, Malcolm drew his mace and kindly but forcefully told the man to run.

Not more than a minute later, the boathouse door was being pounded on, with the clicking and hissing voices of Draconian Baaz coming from behind it. Malcolm, now fully prepared for combat, opened the door, grabbed the first draconian by the throat, and pulled him into the boathouse.

Combat quickly ensued, and the draconians were quickly cut down by the group. Several attempted escape, but arrows and Eldritch Blasts from the party sent them careening out of the sky. With precious time gained, Malcolm told the group to make way into town and blend with the populace, while he stayed at the boathouse to deal with the corpses and hide out.

Knowing that Malcolm’s armor would be a dead giveaway that they were not from around town and were allied with the Gods of Light, the group agreed, and entered town hesitantly. They quickly found the inn, and settled in with a plate of spiced potatoes and ale. Wildclaw, wishing to test her luck at a game of chance, challenges the two Draconians at the bar to a game of chance, betting the little gold she has against the Draconians’.

Quickly the situation escalates when Wildclaw loses twice in a row, and, in a bout of emotion, wagers her suit of scale mail armor against the entire pot. She enlists the help of Sharamile to assist with her magic, and fails once again. Knowing she has little else to bet, and not willing to part with her armor, Wildclaw refuses to honor the deal, and the Draconians start a fight to get what is theirs.



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