Blue Crystal Staff

Legendary Blue Crystal Staff of Mishakal


Game Stats

The blue crystal staff holds only 20 charges when fully charged, and gains charges at the rate of 1 per day. If the staff is placed in the hands of a hallowed (as the spell) statue of the goddess Mishakal, it instantly becomes fully charged.

The following powers drain no charges:
- cure minor wounds
- detect poison

The following powers consume 2 charges:
- command
- cure light wounds
- remove fear

The following powers consume 6 charges:
- continual flame
- remove blindness/deafness
- remove curse
- remove disease

The following powers consume 8 charges:
- cure critical wounds
- restoration

The following power consumes 10 charges:
- raise dead

The following powers consume 14 charges:
- resurrection
- greater restoration

In addition, the staff functions as a +2 quarterstaff during normal combat. Once per day, per discretion of the DM, the staff will defensively cast Teleport Without Error. It is not the wielder that casts the spell, but the staff. Once per day, the staff can protect against any breath weapon of a dragon, instantly stopping any damage in a 10 foot radius sphere around the holder of the staff.

Only Good creatures may wield the staff. Any creature of Neutral alignment that attempts to wield it takes 2d6 points of holy (good) damage per round, and the staff glows bright blue and deals no damage to anything other than its wielder. To an evil creature, this damage increases to 4d6 per round, and the creature is Suggested (Caster Level 10) to release the staff every round.

Strong Conjuration, CL 20


The blue crystal staff is a powerful artifact in the service of good and only comes into the world in times of great need. Mishakal guides and protects its wielder, and the forces of evil gain no benefit from possessing it.

The staff normally appears to be made of simple oak, but when it is used, its true nature is revealed. It is made of pure blue crystal and has an ornamental headpiece adorned with a flawless sapphire.

Blue Crystal Staff

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