Hammer of Kharas

The legendary hammer wielded by the great Dwarven Smith Kharas. Can be used to forge Dragonlances.

weapon (melee)

+2 Disruption Warhammer
1d10 + 2 Bludgeoning (Holy) Damage

The hammer is intelligent (Int 11, Wis 17, Cha 20, Ego 24), and has the capability of speech and telepathy.

The hammer can Detect Evil at will, grants its wielder immunity to fear, and grants its wielder the Mettle special ability (see Hexblade, Complete Warrior). For characters with Mettle, the hammer grants them Improved Mettle.

In addition to its primary abilities, the hammer can also cast Bull’s strength (on wielder) 1/day, heal (on wielder) 1/day, prayer 1/day, and protection from arrows 1/day.

All Dwarves instantly recognize the Hammer of Kharas.


First called the Hammer of Honor during the Age of Dreams, the Hammer of Kharas is a mighty artifact of Good. It was forged by Reorx, who then granted the hammer to mortals to forge the Dragonlances and to champion the cause of the dwarven race. Lost for eons, it was recovered by the dwarf hero Kharas (meaning “Knight”) shortly after the first Cataclysm. Kharas left the hammer in the tomb of Duncan, where it remained until it was recovered by the Heroes of the Lance and was given to Hornfel. It has remained in the dwarven thane’s possession since that day.

Being an intelligent item, the hammer is capable of speech and telepathy, and only serves a servant of Good. The hammer’s goals are to preserve the security of the dwarven race, and to further the cause of Good on Krynn. This means the hammer is also capable of teaching its wielder how to forge Dragonlances, but it is entirely at the hammer’s discretion whether or not it does.

The Hammer of Kharas is required in the creation of Greater Dragonlances and may be used directly with Dragonmetal to forge Lesser Dragonlances.

Hammer of Kharas

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