Dragon Orbs

Ancient, Powerful orbs that control a specific kind of dragon and grant its wielder incredible powers.


The Dragon Orbs are an ancient and powerful magic that ties the Dragons to the world of Krynn. These powerful artifacts are exceedingly rare, as only one exists for each dragon type.

Possessing massive magical power, including the ability to control the dragon it is associated with, a Dragon Orb is heavily sought after and coveted. Over the course of Krynn’s history, the Dragon Orbs have changed hands thousands of times.

The Orbs require extensive physical, mental, and personal strength to utilize at all, let alone to be helpful. In fact, the simple act of being near a Dragon Orb causes one of an opposing alignment to the orb’s to feel ill. The Orbs are intelligent in and of themselves, possessing a will more powerful than most members of the mortal races.

Chromatic Dragon Orbs:

Blue Dragon Orb
The Blue Dragon Orb is the color of pure Sapphire, possessing a stubbornness and will not unlike the dragons it was created for. The Orb itself speaks in a coy way, and often attempts to convince users it knows will not be capable of using it without losing their wills to attempt to activate it. In order to cast any spell the Orb can cast, the user must first attune him/herself to it. This requires a DC 15 Charisma check, followed by an opposed Charisma check each rouond that the Orb is utilized.
The Orb can cast the following spells (at its user’s or its command) at will:
- Detect Alignment
- Magic Circle Against Good
- Detect Magic

The Orb can cast the following spells (at its user’s or its command) once per day:

- Gust of Wind
- Lightning Bolt
- Wind Wall
- Haste
- Confusion
- Wall of Wind
The Blue Dragon Orb is capable of commanding any blue dragon that passes within 1000 feet of it. If one is utilizing the orb, the user must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom check, followed by opposed Wisdom checks every round thereafter. The dragon in question must succeed on a DC 30 Will Save or be bent to the user’s will and be commanded as if affected by a Dominate Monster spell (CL20th). If the user fails on the Wisdom check, the Orb instead controls the user for 1 round per point the Orb beat the user.
If a creature that opposes the Orb’s alignment comes within 100 feet of it, (s)he must succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or be Nauseated for as long as (s)he remains within the Orb’s area of influence.
Intelligent Item. Int: 10 (0); Wis: 19 (4); Cha: 20 (5). Ego: 32


Dragon Orbs

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