A small blade that seems bound to its owner, regardless of distance.

weapon (melee)

+2 Small Shortsword (Medium Dagger)
1d4 +2 Damage
Massive Criticals: +2d8 magic

Rabbitslayer is a blade that is almost impossible to lose. If the blade is lost, or the weapon taken (from being captured or for disarming in a city), it will unerringly return to its owner within 1d12 hours, even if the owner leaves the area, teleports, or enters another plane. This can cause potential problems if the weapon is discovered after the fact, or be an invaluable boon.
The only thing that stops the weapon from fully returning is if the creature who relinquished it enters and remains within an area of antimagic, or the blade itself is housed in such an area after being taken. This does not stop the blade from returning, though it does need to be able to return without passing through such an area directly. The timer of 1d12 hours is paused while the blade or its owner remains in an anti-magic aura.


This small dagger was found by Tasslehoff Burrfoot
in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth during the War of the
Lance. It was named by him as Caramon told him it
would only be useful against the attacks of ferocious
rabbits. It is useful for much more than just the slay-
ing of small mammals, though. Goldmoon seemed to
think that the dagger was “Blessed by the gods”.
Actually, these blades were crafted in the Age of
Might for wizards who feared attacks of the Kingpri-
est’s fanatic followers in the times of the Lost Battles.
Even if the blades were taken from them, it was said
that they will eventually find their way back to their


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