Shield of Breath Absorption (Huma's Shield)

A shield emblazoned with the Rose, Sword, and Crown of the Solamnic Knights


+3 Heavy Steel Shield

This steel shield grants its wearer protection from Dragonfear, as well as the ability to absorb the breath weapon of a dragon, dealing little to no harm to its wielder.
If a dragon’s breath weapon hits the wielder of this shield, a magic aura appears around the holder, deflecting a majority of the damage dealt. For each die in the dragon’s breath weapon, the shield absorbs 4 points of damage, to a maximum of 40. Thus, if an Ancient Red Dragon were to hit the holder of the shield with his breath weapon (dealing 10d6 points of Damage), the shield would absorb 4 points for each die in the breath weapon’s damage. If the dragon rolled a maximum damage roll, in this case 60, the shield would absorb 40 of it, and then the wielder could make a Reflex Save to halve the remaining damage.

The shield is made of Dragonstone and Mithril.

Lesser Varieties of this shield exist.
h2. Lesser Shield of Breath Absorption

+2 Heavy Steel Shield

This Heavy Steel shield is emblazoned with the symbol of the Rose of Solamnia, and is the most powerful of the lesser shield varieties. Like the full shield, is absorbs 4 points of damage per die of the dragon that breathed, but only to a maximum of 20 points of damage. Thus, if an Ancient red dragon were to breathe upon the wielder of the shield (dealing 10d6 points of damage), and rolled 50 damage, the shield would absorb 20 of it, and the wielder would be granted a saving throw to halve the remaining damage.


It is told in legends that Huma Dragonbane was
equipped with the Shield of Breath Absorption when he
faced the Dark Queen, Takhisis in combat and ex-
acted the Oath from her using his epic Dragonlance.
Indeed, it seems that Huma must have been very
well protected to get so close to Her Dark Majesty
and live long enough to wound her.

Many such shields of lesser power than Huma’s have dragons or symbols of

the Solamnic Knights on the face. The ancient
Shields crafted during the Third Dragon War, such as
the one Huma used, had bright Metallic Dragons em-
blazoned upon them, along with the Crown, Sword,
or Rose symbols of the Knights of Solamnia. They
are always heavy shields.

Shield of Breath Absorption (Huma's Shield)

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