A powerful magical blade that once belonged to the Brightblade Family.

weapon (melee)

+2 Longsword
1d8 + 2 Slashing Damage

When near undead foes (within 120 feet), Brightblade shines brightly, emitting a constant Light effect with an effective Caster level of 9. This Light can only be smothered by leaving the vicinity of undead or by sheathing the blade. In combat against undead foes, the blade deals an additional 1d8 points of holy damage.

If the blade scores a critical hit, the blade flashes brightly and deals additional fire damage to the struck creature, dealing an additional 2d8 + 2 points of Fire damage in addition to the normal critical effect.

Brightblade is a silvered weapon, meaning it is fully capable against vampiric enemies as well as other creatures weak to silver. Because of its magical quality, the blade does not deal less damage due to the silvered nature.


Brightblade was crafted by the dwarf Romgar Firesteel in the Age of Dreams. It was created for, and given to, Berthal Brightblade at his knighting ceremony, in service for defending Romgar and his village against hordes of goblins and hobgoblins.

Nobody can say for certain whether the sword was named for the family, or if the family was named for the blade. It was passed from father to son for generations, until lost and later recovered by Sturm Brightblade before the onset of the War of the Lance. Sturm carried it with him until his death at the High Clerist Tower. Brightblade is a long sword, with a shining silver blade. Dwarven runes of peace and friendship run the length of the blade, which shows no signs of rust, nicks, or even the slightest scratch. It has a golden crosspiece and handle, and a red gem on the blade.

Since the blade’s construction, each younger member of the Brightblade clan has been given a replica of the blade, with less capability than the original (one of these replicas is currently in the possession of Aria Ennala)



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