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Welcome to the world of Krynn!

The world of Krynn is very different in this campaign than what one would normally read in the Dragonlance Chronicles. There has been a second Cataclysm, which wiped most of the known races off of the face of Krynn, with very few survivors. This new, hellish world is now under the full control of the new deity, Herschel.

After killing the Queen of Darkness, Takhisis, Herschel assumed the mantle of the head of the Abyss and demonkind, and used his newfound power to forge an alliance between the Devils of Hell and the Demons of the Abyss, ending the Blood War and turning the full brunt of evil upon the servants of Good.

The material plane was just the first. Ansalon, the continent that housed every race in relative harmony,was battered into submission — first by a huge army of Draconians, followed quickly by the Second Cataclysm.

Now, the people of Krynn live under the iron fist of the Draconian Empire, fueled by the Dragon Highlords reborn, and the powers of Evil beings of immense power. Elves, humans, and half-elves continue existence, forced to the whims of the marauding armies, and giving tribute to the floating castles known to them as Herschel’s Pawns.

Herschel himself, however, has turned his attention to the Deities of Good, namely Paladine, Mishakal, and Solinari. As soon as the mountains fell, so too did the High Clerist tower, the White-robed mages, and the public worship of the Deities of Good. Now, after fifty years under the Dragon Highlords’ reign, Paladine has disappeared from the heavens, no longer holding his constellation.

Some say that this is a good omen, that last time Paladine disappeared was when the Dragonlance was found, and the Second War of the Lance was headed by 8 heroes, the Good Dragon eggs were rediscovered, and the power of the Dark Queen Takhisis was thrust back into the Abyss. While others argue that it is because Paladine is, truly and utterly, been destroyed, just like his sister was fifty years ago.

Few clerics remain, and those that do worship their own gods, primarily Correlan Lerathian, or Reorx, or Grummsh. Few, other than Herschel, are worshipped openly, and fewer still are even mentioned by name.

The world has changed, and hope is not entirely snuffed out…

Included below is how to make and edit pages within this wiki. Each page in the wiki is going to be a location or important topic that must be explored in order for the new world to be fully understood. Stay tuned for more updates and history throughout the new realm of Ansalon, and the power that Evil holds!

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